Sousaphone Gig Bags: What do you want?...

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Sousaphone Gig Bags: What do you want?...

Post by greenbean »

Kirley just had a brilliant idea. We would like to find out what you sousaphone players want in a gig bag BEFORE I start making them.

So, what would you like to see in your ideal gig bag? What is important to you? What do you like/hate about the bags that are out there?
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Re: Sousaphone Gig Bags: What do you want?...

Post by rollo »

I have the Gard sousa bag. I mostly like it! The padding is okay, and I like the pocket on the outside, although it could stand to be a bit bigger maybe? What I really don't like are the backpack straps, they are too low for my tastes. Maybe it's becuase i'm not all that tall (5'7"), but I'd like the horn to sit higher on my back so it doesn't bang against the back of my knees while i try to walk with it.
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