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for the band directors...

Postby bloke » Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:19 pm

I hope things will be otherwise, but I see continued shrinking school-related budgets (if indeed there are "budgets"), (with double-digit unemployment) reluctance of parents to cough up $X,XXX band fees, increasing taxes, devalued dollars, and reluctance of the public to buy not-particularly-necessary "fundraiser merchandise".

If you manage to cover the cost of buses, drivers, uniforms, replacing annually torn-up percussion equipment, mallets, heads, band camp coaches' salaries, and an infinite list of additional annual expenses, you would (maybe...??) like to possibly be able to enhance your stable of concert instruments. These days, (as just one example) name-brand double horns have mostly jumped over $3K...ouch! You could go Taiwanese/Chinese, but maybe you would rather not...

For not much more than the cost of one new name-brand Taiwan double horn, for a local-to-me band director I acquired these two (previously distressed) professional U.S.-made instruments (a King 2269 "Fidelio", and a Holton H179 "Farkas"), took both of them through economy restoration processes (including any necessary dent removal, soldering, valve work, and linkage work), partially (about 2/3) refinished and re-lacquered them, put them in new sturdy molded cases, supplied accessories, and sold BOTH of them to the school's band booster club for not much more than the lowest internet advertised price of ONE new name-brand "planetary" Taiwanese double horn. I wonder if you - wishing you had some "good" double horns" - ALREADY have instruments (such as these pictured below) up on the top shelf in your instrument room - currently in distressed condition...(??) If I don't have to BUY the distressed instruments in order to repair them and sell them to you, I can probably repair yours (that you may already own, but may not realize are restorable) for even less.

This type of work (even when scaled down to "economy" level cosmetics) is very time-consuming. I really can't take on projects like this during the summer (when I'm trying to get everyone's marching instruments back to them before their July band camps), but projects along these lines are perfect for the middle of winter. Yes, I know "winter" is when you need double horns and other concert instruments, but if you have me look at your ( perhaps thought to be "junk", etc.) double horns, tubas, F-attachment trombones, marching brass, etc. THIS winter, you'll have them to use NEXT winter. :wink:


(Oh...We're also a very good source - again...mostly in the winter - for used bassoons, bass clarinets, tenor/baritone saxophones, etc...that actually PLAY !! :shock: )
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