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Postby bloke » Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:29 pm

Very soon, I've decided that I'll be offering resin valve guides on a mail order basis for tuba players.

These are as nearly as quiet as nylon (markedly more quiet than brass!), but (as the resin is tougher than nylon) much more resistant to damage upon re-insertion of a piston into its casing.

Another big "PLUS" is that I'll be (unlike the European nylon guides) offering these to you in THREE styles, TWO of which feature the most common AMERICAN thread size (ie: no "re-tapping" required !)

The three styles will include 1/ the metric style (similar dimensions to those you've seen made of nylon) 2/ narrow American, and 3/ wide American.

You probably should not buy these from me "mail order" unless you have (at least with reading glasses) good vision, a very steady hand, and the ability to diagnose a problem (as - more often than not - new guides require some shaving or filing of their depth and width).

The sets will be priced at $25/set PLUS $1 FOR POSTAGE. Unlike the piston washers, I'm going to require that you know which ones you want (rather than - as with the piston washers - me sending you the ones that I know you need).

:arrow: If you have the ability to remove/reinstall your existing brass/nylon washers without damage, determine the thread size that you need, and also determine whether (if "American") you need "wide" or "narrow" guides, I'm going to hope that you also will have the ability to properly fit these to your instrument without assistance or damage to your instrument.

The "duh" of this is that these are NOT any sort of substitute for the "modern"-style (student models, et al) top-mounted/stem-supported valve guides. These are ONLY substitutes (see picture, below) for many "old-fashioned" style guides that actually screw into the side surface of the piston body.

Hopefully, these resin guides will prove to be a bit less "rough-guide-slot sensitive" than are the very soft nylon guides.

Personal check payable to:

Mid-South Music
14670 Highway 193
Williston, TN 38076

:arrow: Include a piece of paper with any/all who/what/where info that I'll need to fill your order.

You MAY - at your discretion - mail me Visa/MC info (w/exp. date), but I would PREFER a (personal is fine) check in USD and would PREFER to NOT (unless international, etc.) take down c.c. info over the phone.
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