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Capitol Tuba-Euphonium Conference

Postby Lee Stofer » Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:36 am

Friday was pretty exciting at the Tuba Conference at Ft. Myer, VA.

I always enjoy both seeing old friends and meeting new ones. This years' Conference seems to be well-attended, and the clinics and concert offerings are better-than-ever. My regret of the day - not getting to hear Carol J. perform! (sigh)

There are a lot of fine exhibits in the Ft. Myer Community Center, ranging from sheet music and CD sales to specialty accessory sales, to - yes, the Jurassic Room, where tubas roam the Earth...

I plan to buy a tuba from David Fedderly at Baltimore Brass tomorrow, and I'm sure that he'd be pleased if others would, too.

Meanwhile, at my booth, we are showing the first 5 prototypes from Kanstul of his model 33 series tubas, based very literally on the famed Grand Rapids York model 33 BBb and monster Eb tubas. The 4-top-piston BBb and EEb tuba are state-of-the-art, but true to the originals to a degree never before available. Mr. Kanstul has also made two 4-piston/5th rotor front-valve versions, which are real winners. On Monday, when I had received these tubas at my shop and had play-tested them, I phoned Mr. Kanstul and asked him if I could personally buy the 5-valve monster Eb. He said, "No, all four silver-plated prototypes are already sold, but I'll build you another one."
These tubas have received very high marks from the players who have tried them. We also had several people with York Master Model tubas come and try a new Kanstul York detachable bell on their horn. They seemed to be a big hit, too.
The Stofer-Geib mouthpiece is not a new mouthpiece, but essentially a re-issue of an archetypal mouthpiece of the past that has not been available in its original form for many years. More and more people are discovering a mouthpiece that offers a sound and depth, and response like no other.
My practice latest practice mute order from Schlipf in Austria was submitted too late to arrive for the conference, so I only have 5 mutes here instead of 25. But, I am taking orders, and will fill them as soon as the mutes arrive. I have have revised Schlipf's model/number listing chart, and plan to post this information on my web site next week. The list is organized both alphabetically by maker, and also there is a list organized by number. This list should be useful in two ways, as this size chart gives you a comparison of bell throat sizes, arranged together. So, when you look at a particular mute size, ie., #5, you will find that it fits a Mirafone 186, and other makes with a comparable bell throat size.
From new instruments, to pre-owned instruments, to new and restored mouthpieces and unique accessories, we strive to be your source for products and repair services that are not available elsewhere.

I would like to thank everyone who has made my business possible through their continuing support. I am humbled by having the best, most loyal customer-friends in the world.
Lee A. Stofer, Jr.
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Lee Stofer
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