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Postby Lee Stofer » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:38 pm

Greetings, fellow TubeNetters!
I cannot update the web site just yet, as we are in the final throes of the summer school instrument repair rush, but I wanted to let you guys know about some instruments we have here for sale, some which are ready, some that will be completed in the next two to three months.

F - Meinl-Weston model 45, made in late 1974, 5-right-hand rotor, original Uniball linkage, original case in excellent condition, instrument has good low C, C#, D, good intonation overall, the best older Meinl-Weston F I've played, $3,200.00

- Mirafone Premium 6-rotor, 5+1 configuration, stellar player. This instrument had bell dents, and the repairs damaged the lacquer. I am removing the bell, stripping it, buffing and relacquering the bell, because the rest of the instrument looks new, and now the entire instrument will look new again. $5,500.00

Eb - J.W. York large Eb tuba, 3-top-pistons, silver-plated, $950.00

- Martin medium Eb, 3+1 piston, silver-plated, quite a nice player, $1,050.00

- Alexander 163 CC tuba, unlacquered, bright-dipped, 4-rotor, excellent condition, played extensively in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This instrument is quite open, and is a simply wonderful player with a legendary sound. $10,000.00

- Yamaha YCB-621 CC tuba, 4-piston, with custom tuning slide mechanism, fine condition, original hard case, fully-serviced, $2,900.00

BBb - Pan American (Conn) BBb helicon, 1925, polished raw brass, fully restored. This fine player was originally an unlacquered instrument from the factory, and has been kept in the original configuration. The instrument is dent-free, crack-free, has rebuilt pistons, and is a joy to play. $3,000.00 We will lacquer the instrument in a clear -, or gold-tint finish for an extra $500.00.

- Meinl-Weston model 11, 3/4 size BBb tuba, 4-top-piston, lacquered, a great student instrument, or small ensemble tuba, a well-made small instrument. I have reently seen this model BBb tuba also marketed as an "Accent" tuba. A dent-free, fully-serviced and ready-to-play instrument, $1,500.00.

-King 1135, 3/4 size BBb tuba, 3-front-piston, lacquered, a fine and lightweight student tuba. A dent-free, fully-serviced and ready-to-play instrument, $800.00.

There are more instruments here still, so feel free to call or e-mail if you are looking for a great-playing instrument at a reasonable and fair price.

Lee A. Stofer, Jr.
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Lee Stofer
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