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WILLISTON 3+1 non-comp. lacq. euphonium $800

Postby bloke » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:55 pm

' just a heads-up on our WILLISTON 3+1 config. non-compensating lacquer finish euphonium with case, etc. for only $800.

This is an EXTRAORDINARY copy of Y-ou know who.

A solid (c. 10 lbs.) instrument that is extremely well braced (including a nice beefy bottom bow cap, etc.), and featuring close tolerance monel pistons. The mouthpipe is (just as with most modern instruments) made of that highly rot-resistant red brass. It's equipped with a LARGE SHANK receiver.

This is a great instrument for grade school students, music ed majors, and professional or amateur tuba/trombone players who are looking for a great and affordable doubling euphonium.

(With a "non-compensating" euphonium 4-valve euphonium, the only two "missing" pitches are the very low C and B natural )

(For now) lacquer finish only with zip-up hard case.

The only trouble we're having is keeping them in stock. This one just arrived, and the kid's dad is meeting me on the way to my rehearsal tonight (literally at a gas station along the way :lol: ) to pay for it and take it home to his kid.
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