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MidWest Clinic & Show in Chicago This Week

Postby Lee Stofer » Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:47 am

For the first time in 8 years, Kanstul will have a booth at the MidWest Clinic in Chicago this week. Charles Hargett, Kanstul's national sales manager, and I will be manning the booth, which will have a representation of Kanstul instrument ranging from piccolo trumpets to his latest tubas. I understand that Steve Ferguson and possibly others will joins us from time to time at McCormick Place West http://www.midwest.org" target="_blank .

The semi arrived here on Friday, and I got to unpack 6 of the most gorgeous tubas I've ever laid eyes on this weekend. Thankfully, they all arrived without damage, and will be on display this week (and available for sale). The tubas include the two model 33 BBb's, two model 66 Eb's, a model 90 CC, and a custom model 80 F tuba.

So far, I've play-tested only the Eb's. The 66-S, a lacquered 5-front-valve monster Eb, is robust yet refined. I had the distinct feeling that this was the finest Eb tuba I've ever played. Then, I play-tested a bright silver 66-T, the 4-top-piston version, and although it may have been just slightly less robust initially, it has a silky smoothness to the response that would rival or best any other top-piston Eb.

I have no doubt that the BBb tubas will measure up in similar fashion. I am most excited to try out the F and the CC, for they have small changes in them from the last ones I received and sold. In fact, Kanstul is constantly dedicated to making improvements in his instrument in the pursuit of perfection. The newest top-piston tubas now have a very nice thumb ring, something that is an improvement on the original York design.

The display for this week will also feature Kanstul's compensating, and non-compensating euphoniums, both ergonomically-improved and full of the most desirable features for the serious player.

Doublers that play trombone will no doubt enjoy Kanstul's excellent trombones, from screaming lead trombone models to symphony tenors, bass trombones and the Kanstul contrabass trombone in F.

I will be offering Convention Week special pricing on every instrument, whether you can attend or not. I will have my cell phone on during the week, so that you have an opportunity to take advantage of these offers. There will be a lot going on in Chicago this week - consider this your invitation to join us!
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