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blokepieces at Midwest - update + NEW PACKER CC TUBA

Postby bloke » Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:34 pm

As of today (Dec. 8 )...

My plans are to display my mouthpieces at Midwest (Chicago / McCormick Place) on Friday and Saturday (only), Dec. 18 - 19.

I should be FULLY RESTOCKED on ALL mouthpiece parts. 8) :tuba: :

ALSO (to the best of our knowledge) we have secured (for sale) the FIRST-IN-THE-USA JP379CC tuba. :shock: :!: :tuba:

This is a very high-grade (per other JP tubas, such as the Sterling series 5/4 rotary BBb, the rotary F tuba, compensating Eb, and compensating euphoniums) piston 4+1 model CC tuba, and I believe it's fairly obvious which manufacturers' models it references.

This particular instrument sports a lacquer finish, and silver plated versions will be available in 2016.
The instrument will be on display at Midwest and (if not sold off the table) will then be back here at blokePlace in western Tennessee.

I have not yet been able to play this tuba, but am willing to candidly answer any questions once I've been able to play it.

JP379CC tuba1.jpg

Discover and Amex also accepted
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