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Wessex Tubas Get Harder!!!

Postby Wyvern » Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:50 pm

Ever since Wessex started almost five years ago we have been working hard to make our range better with during the last 18 months visiting to the factory every three months, not just to check and play test every single instrument before accepting to assure quality, but to work with production to continually raise the standards higher with every batch.

Although we have had very positive feedback on how Wessex play, one area of complaint from customers has been that they can dent too easily, so we have been looking how that can be mitigated. The brass is exactly the same metal (70% copper) and same thickness as the more expensive brands, so the key was manufacturing methods.

Now in liaison with retired engineer from one of the previous classic American brass factories, we have implemented a new process to harden the bells of all Wessex just like on the classic American brass.

The difference this makes has even exceeded my expectations. Not only will they better repel dents, but play notably easier with clearer tone and greater projection. This was well illustrated during most recent quality check at factory in October. On checking the next batch of Champion Eb tubas, one did not play with quite as much 'zing' as the others. On looking over wondering why, I identified by minor details (we are tweaking with every batch) that it was one left over from previous batch before the bell hardening was implemented. A true 'blind' test of the difference. So what was already a nice playing tuba, is now even better.

The new 'hardened' Wessex are now in stock. Give them a try - I think you will be amazed just how high quality they have become and how incredibly well they now play!

We will be exhibiting at the US Army Workshop in Washington, February 2016 with at least 5 new models.
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