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January Tuba Offers

Postby Lee Stofer » Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:27 pm

I hope that you are having a good beginning to 2016! There is no such thing as a "Slow Time of Year" here, so instruments are being repaired,
customized, or fully restored, and the schedule is pretty full for the foreseeable future. If you call the shop and I don't answer, there is a good chance that I'm in the buffing room, so please leave a message and I'll return your call as soon as possible.

I'm looking at options to make my website easier to deal with, more responsive and current, but for now I'll mention here what's available at this time.
- I have the best stock of Schlipf mutes in some time, virtually all of the tuba practice mutes, Monozil Brass tour mutes for euphonium and one for F-tuba, and a pair of Schlipf euphonium combi mutes.

- I am continuing to sell my Stofer Geib mouthpieces, selected Rudolf Meinl mouthpieces, am increasing my stock of Mike Finn mouthpieces, and am having a sale on all other mouthpieces in stock, new and pre-owned. Regardless of your budget, I probably have a good mouthpiece for you.

- I have a few instruments available for sale now. Please feel free to call and inquire about these and others. The most current offerings are listed here;

- Meinl-Weston 45S-LZ F-tuba, lacquered, like-new condition, point-and-play intonation, Gard bag is also like-new.
- Kanstul 66-T Eb tuba, silver, 4-top-piston, just like the old York monster Eb in configuration, like-new, owned by collector, w/ Cronkhite bag.
-[b] Kanstul 33-S BBb
tuba, silver, 5-valve, like-new, hand-engraved bell, gorgeous two-tone leather Cronkhite bag.
- Frank Holton Chicago 6/4 BBb, silver w/ gold bell interior, 3 top-piston .750" bore, 22" upright bell, 1916 vintage, basically identical to York model 91.
- Frank Holton Elkhorn model122 BBb sousaphone, lacquered, 26" bell, very similar to York standard BBb sousa, particularly good low register, available with new MTS hard case.

I look forward to seeing a number of you at the Capitol Tuba Expo at Ft. Myer, Virginia in February, and also at the ITEC in Knoxville this summer!
Lee A. Stofer, Jr.
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