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New tubas at Horn Guys

Postby The Horn Guys » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:47 pm

We have so many unusual tubas here that I can hardly remember them all. Do stop by to play test when you're in the area. Check the Daily Menu page on our website to see which tubas are in which store (most are in La Crescenta right now).

Cerveny 696 6/4 Kaiser used
JP Sterling 379 BBb demo
Jupiter 482 demo
King 2341 demo
Miraphone 186 new
Miraphone 1291 new
Miraphone 496 Hagen 5/4 new (also we have another in San Jose)

Alexander 163 new
Alexander 164 used
B&S PT20P used
Gronitz PCK silver new
JP Sterling 379 CC demo
Miraphone 188 new
Miraphone 1291 new
Miraphone 1292 New Yorker new
Yamaha YCB-681X (Jim Self prototype) used

B&S JBL Classic new
Gronitz PF125 new
Gronitz FZ127 used
Hirsbrunner HBS389 used
Meinl Weston 2260RA used
Miraphone 281 Firebird 5+1 used
Miraphone 281 Firebird 4+2 used
Miraphone 481 Elektra 5+1 new
Yamaha YFB-621S used

King 2280S demo
Meinl Weston 551S used
Miraphone M5050 used
Yamaha YEP-321S demo (2)

Contrabass Tbn
Jurgen Voigt F

Coming soon
Hirsbrunner HBS479 euph
Alexander 151 tenor tuba
Wisemann C900 CC
Cool Winds/Tiger plastic tubas
Eastman 632 CC

The Horn Guys
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