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Re: Wessex Tubas - what would you like?

Postby dasanchezr » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:59 am

Wyvern wrote:
dasanchezr wrote:It would be really nice to get something similar to that Kaiser BBb but in CC

I will not rule out, but I don’t think the Kaiser BBb is really suitable for successfully adapting. Would require something new, maybe inspired by my Neptune, but I would hope better still. When I now try my Neptune back to back with the new Chicago CC, it is to be honest just not as responsive.

I can totally see the idea of using a Neptune, I used to own a one too (beautiful tone I must add) and I can also see the York models being way more responsive especially the Pressense, if it had to be inspired on it I would suggest a smaller bell like you did with the Chicago model maybe 19” (48cm).
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