FS: nu mouthpieces w/ wood cup, brass shank, wide bore,&more Bookmark and Share

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FS: nu mouthpieces w/ wood cup, brass shank, wide bore,&more

Postby jbaylies » Thu May 12, 2016 4:18 pm

nu mouthpieces allow didgeridoo techniques to shine through low brass instruments! The brass shank sports the widest possible bore to amplify formant harmonics, and the wooden cup features a contoured rim to facilitate circular breathing. They will be turned out of three kinds of wood: African Blackwood, Honduran Rosewood, and Mopane.

    The African Blackwood (aka Grenadilla) is the same wood used in clarinets. It's color runs from very dark brown to black. It is one of the most stable woods once dried.
    The Honduran Rosewood is a deep reddish brown with a distinct grain. It is often used by luthiers in guitar fretboards because of it's strength and beauty. It is the most abundant of the South and Central American rosewoods.
    Mopane is another African hardwood that is less widely known but is starting to gain favor among the handmade flute market due to it's beautiful blond color and grain.
Our crowdfunding campaign has just a few days to go and is 72% funded. Please help us reach our goal by sharing our campaign with anyone you think may be interested, thanks! link to Kickstarter page / link to facebook page / link to website

    Mopane for trombone, large shank.
(my last nu post was deleted, but Sean has yet to reply to my email requesting to become a sponsor, and since we need to raise $2800 in 8 days, I'm hoping it's alright to post here for now...)
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