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I'm offering 2 sponsor opportunities:
$100/per year:
Use of the sponsor forum
Use of the private sponsor forum
Ability to immediately post in the for sale section
Larger PM box
Added 6/30/2016: Supply a banner by Tubenet's specs and it can be placed on the Sponsors page but will not be in the rotating queue on the board index.

$300/per year ($25/per month):
all the above plus:
banner ad at top of board index
banner ad on the sponsor page
assistance with creating a banner ad

You may also PM me or email" target="_blank so I can make sure your account is activated. Payments are to" target="_blank through PayPal by bank account only (CC payments will be refunded).

Any unauthorized advertising on the site will be moved to the CornField.

Here are the instructions. Upon receipt of payment, I'm offering one month free at $25/ per month. (Your first ad will run 2 months for $25).

Thanks for your interest in supporting TubeNet through the TubeNet Sponsors program. As a TubeNet Sponsor you will be helping to ensure the continuing success of TubeNet. For over 15 years, TubeNet has been a gathering place for musicians of all ages and capabilities from beginners to seasoned professionals.

As of this writing we have over 7,000 user accounts total and about 2,500 visits/day. Total pages served per day average 20,000-30,000.

As a TubeNet Sponsor your banner ad will rotate among the other TubeNet Sponsors sharing space on the top of the page. Thousands of people visit TubeNet each month looking to share stories and discuss equipment. The visibility of your ad in these discussions will help to remind these fellow musicians where they can go to purchase the equipment and music they need.

As a TubeNet Sponsor you will have a TubeNet rank of "TubeNet Sponsor" which will immediately allow others to know that you are proud to help support the forum they have come to trust. You will also be allowed to promote your business through posts in the TubeNet Sponsors section of the BBS. This would be a great place to make announcements for sales, new stock arriving, or anything else you would like to say to let people know what you have to offer.

Total cost for this is being set at $25/month on a month to month basis. No setup fees are imposed. I reserve the right to cancel any TubeNet Sponsor's contract at any time for any reason. Advertising is paid up front each month for the upcoming month. You may also pay for multiple months if you wish. There are no late fees. Advertising will be turned off on the same numeric day on the next month following the last payment received if the next months payment is not received on time. One month after the ad account is disabled due to late payment, the account will be terminated unless payment is received.

The TubeNet Sponsor may also cancel the contract at any time. Regardless whether you or I cancel an account, any days left on that month's contract will be returned at a prorated amount.

I cannot guarantee the uptime of your advertising or TubeNet. Network outages, hardware and software failures, etc can cause temporary downtime. If there is an extended downtime, namely more than 24 hours, then you will be credited a prorated amount depending on the downtime. I will not accept any responsibility for losses suffered during outages to include sales revenue.

As a TubeNet sponsor you will also receive an account on the ads server which will allow you to see how many times your ad was viewed and how many times people clicked on your ad to visit your website. Remember that your ad will be rotated among ALL the other TubeNet Sponsors.

To begin your TubeNet Sponsor account I will need the first months payment sent through PayPal to" target="_blank along with your TubeNet username so I can activate your account. I prefer ONLY bank transfer PayPal payments.

Banner adds should be in Gif or JPG format of a dimension of 468 x 60 pixels. Animated gifs are welcome. The TubeNet Sponsor is expected to supply the banner ad.

All TubeNet Sponsors and banner graphics are subject to my approval. I will not personally endorse any TubeNet Sponsor simply because they are a TubeNet Sponsor. For example, if Acme Tuba Company becomes a TubeNet Sponsor and comes out with a new horn which I personally do not like, I reserve the right to publically discuss that I do not like the new horn.

Sorry to be so long winded about this TubeNet Sponsors program, but I wanted to make an attempt to cover as much ground as possible up front." target="_blank Mark Finley has agreed to assist with banner creation if needed. He is the one who will email the finished product if your shop needs any help.
--farah chisham
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