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Postby FarahShazam » Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:07 pm

This will be updated as more sponsors submit information:

Wessex Tubas was started in 2011. Wessex Tubas supplies musicians around the world and has an increasing number of professional artistes - It has become a leading brand for tubas, euphonium and the whole range of brass.
“Wyvern” Jonathan Hodgetts
Facebook page:

Co-op Press/Emeritus Recordings features the compositions, arrangements, recordings, and books of award-winning composer, Sy Brandon. It is also the home of the Co-op Press Fund that assists performers through Recording Grants and Commission Consortia. Our philosophy is "Partnering with performers to serve their needs.
"sybrandon" Sy Brandon, Owner

NUmouthpieces believes that a merger of didgeridoo and low brass techniques presents many exciting possibilities. With wood cups, contoured rims, brass shanks, and the largest possible bores, nu mouthpieces allow musicians to fully utilize didgeridoo techniques on low brass instruments.
"jbaylies" John Baylies

The Village Tinker has been a proud co-sponsor of the TubeNet Forum for many years... not necessarily because I need the revenue. A few extra bucks in my retirement is nice but I truly enjoy rebuilding tubas and creating a custom horn now and then. The few dollars I pay The Chishams each month is a small price to pay to help maintain this wonderful asset to the music and tuba community. They are the ones doing all the work here."
"'tubatinker" Dan Schultz

Dillon Music was incorporated in 1992 in Woodbridge, NJ and has quickly become one of the foremost leaders in the music industry. Mr. Dillon has been dealing in musical instruments since he was in the 7th grade. During that time he developed a deep knowledge of antique and vintage instruments, so much so that most of the manufacturers in this country refer questions about history and value of their respective instruments to Mr. Dillon.
"Steve Dillon" (president) and "Matt Walters"

MACK Brass of Virginia LLC
Welcome to MACK Brass est. 2011. We pride ourselves with the very best instruments coming out of China today that we sell to schools, universities students and pros every day. Because of the huge volume we deal with we are able to guarantee the lowest prices in the country. Every instrument gets a full and complete service before leaving our 2500 sq ft shop so they are ready to go righ out of the box. Feel free to call us anytime or set up an appointment to visit our shop in Petersburg VA.
Tom McGrady

Mid-South Music, Inc
Mid-South Music, Inc. was established in 1979 by Joe & Debbie Sellmansberger. Emphases are on sales of high-quality new and used brass and woodwind instruments, top-drawer repair work (in order to prepare used instruments for sale and - as time allows - for repair customers), as well as the development of products such as Sellmansberger tuba mouthpieces - which are used worldwide by many of the world's very finest musicians. Joe Sellmansberger, who readily admits to posting on the TubeNet discussion forums about ten times as often as is appropriate, is known as "bloke" on TubeNet, and also admits to posting so often in order to encourage others (including those subscribers who rarely post) into sharing their insights and opinions. He also states that if this is defined as "trolling", so be it. Joe is mostly a brass specialist and Debbie is mostly a woodwind specialist, but they collaborate on many repairs and projects, with an obvious set of examples being saxophones, which sport both woodwind issues and brass issues. Joe is primarily a tuba player, who also plays euphonium (valve trombone, of course), and (in small jazz/ethnic combos, to a limited extent) trumpet. Joe performs regularly with two orchestras, the IRIS Orchestra and the Jackson Symphony Orchestra, and has been consistently substituting in the Memphis Symphony Orchestra for the venerable Charles Schulz ever since Joe was in grade school. Joe is called for studio recordings in Memphis (particularly when "Hey, listen to this track...Can you put something down that will help this out?" situations arise), and can be found most Saturday mornings performing with the Beale Street Strutters in the lounge of either the "Queen of the Mississippi" or the "American Pride" sternwheelers, prior to their departures to New Orleans. Joe is equally at home playing Bb, C, Eb, and F tubas, and thus is understanding of the needs of most tuba players. Debbie is primarily a bassoonist, but is also a fine oboe, flute, and piccolo player. Both Debbie and Joe can produce "reasonably pleasing sounds" (and sure, can execute chromatic scales) on clarinets and saxophones (skills necessary to produce the highest quality repair work) but neither perform on those instruments. Joe & Debbie ran a brick-and-mortar brass & woodwinds store for four decades, within which they built up a 1500-instrument rental program. Today, their location is rural, and much of their business is done online, directly with schools, or via (e)mail order. To date (summer of 2018) their website (though bookmarked) has not be launched, as the choice continues to be whether to work, or to work on the website. email contact is, and the facebook pages (please click the "like" button) are (store/shop)
and (custom tuba mouthpieces)
--farah chisham
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