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Black Friday Sale and Video Release!

Postby MonsterOil » Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:04 pm

This month leads us to Hartford - home of the indomitable Phil Snedecor. I have no idea what indomitable means but he probably resembles it.

He's our Brass Chats victim for December 1, and gamely agreed to compete in the 1st of our new series 'Trumpet Challenge'.

Basically we ask him to do a bunch of pretty ridiculous things to see just how well-rounded this guy is. An example:

Put a C trumpet in the freezer for 15 minutes, then immediately play Zarathustra. (I'll give you a hint - apparently it goes a little flat - who knew?)

The video is here:" target="_blank

Also, we are only releasing our official Brass Chats on our website from now on, so if you want the latest news, sign up for our newsletter here:" target="_blank

And now - the sale!

Code 'LUBE UP' gets you a Complete Package for $16.95 - easily the lowest price it has ever seen:!/ ... category=0" target="_blank

Also lowered prices on a bunch of other products:" target="_blank

Sale and prices are all good through the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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