some 33P X-D deep (aka "Profundo") rims here... Bookmark and Share

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some 33P X-D deep (aka "Profundo") rims here...

Postby bloke » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:17 pm

I have a few 33P X-D rims here.
The price isn't much more than the regular-depth rims.

An enthusiastic tubenetter ordered ONE, never responded when I let them know it had been produced :roll: , and (well...) when it was produced for them, we went ahead and produced a couple of additional ones "for stock".

They're apparently Dave's interpretation (not a "Sellmansberger-design" rim, but fits all "Sellmansberger-design" cups) of a PT-50/PT-88 type of rim.

Again, these are the EXTRA DEEP (potentially) you could convert your "regular-deep" cup blokepiece to something (well...) extra deep (again: like a PT-50 or PT-88 feels-against-your-face mouthpiece)...except (perhaps...??) better than those. :oops:

EDIT: also found that I have SEVERAL of the MOST POPULAR #2 33.2mm rims in the "Profundo" well as several others...including the other two diameters of #2 profile rims
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