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Lee Stofer Music December Specials

Postby Lee Stofer » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:47 pm

It is a very busy time of year here, and we have a wider variety of offerings than ever.

If you have recently inquired about a Schlipf tuba mute and I told you it was on order, but not in stock, I did receive an order from Vienna this afternoon, so I have almost all sizes in stock (will place new order tomorrow). To order a Schlipf mute or anything else, just call me at (563) 321-0642, and I will try to ship same-day.

I also have a number of other items to offer now, including a Dennis Wick 5518 metal tuba mute, a wooden 5564 tuba mute, and a 5513 metal euphonium mute, as well as a wide array of new, new-old-stock and pre-owned mouthpieces from a variety of manufacturers. I'll try to post a list later, but there are a number of mouthpieces going at close-out prices, including Schilke, Bach, Dennis Wick and others.

There are also several very fine tubas here for sale, and I'll update the list ASAP. Please feel free to call the shop any time between 8AM and 5PM Central Time Monday-Friday, and 9AM-Noon Saturday.
Lee A. Stofer, Jr.
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Re: Lee Stofer Music December Specials

Postby hrender » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:20 pm

Lee has some very cool horns for sale right now: Distin Helicon, Buescher Recording Bass, Sear BBb, RM F, etc.
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