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regional ...TEC's and Sellmansberger mouthpieces

Postby bloke » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:06 am

I probably won't be attending any regional conferences this year.
There are some very long-needed home repairs here, and I've finally found someone to help me with them. The person, thankfully, if very competent, but (as many understand) I need to be here with them...not only to help, but to do possible materials runs, and to make sure that things are done just as I want them to be done. Additionally, some materials are "custom", and there is actually a 1000 miles round trip (either manufacturer to me, or me to manufacturer) necessary to obtain these custom materials.

Thanks for understanding.
I do understand the tremendous importance of face-to-face communication with customers and potential customers...and I enjoy meeting people (fleshing out internet acquaintances) very much !

:arrow: Some do NOT know this, so I'll state it again here:

You can buy any combination of parts from me, test them all, and - as long as they are returned in new condition within a couple of weeks...and you pay r/t postage - you may return or exchange anything that you bought from me.

As you may have noticed, my array of mouthpieces (four cups with various back-bores, shank sizes, and a wide choice of rim styles with various diameters of cup openings and even two rim depths) are widely and often recommended. They are not magic, but they are extremely fine mouthpieces designed for beauty of sound and ease of playing.
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