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Instruments in Process at Lee Stofer Music

Postby Lee Stofer » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:37 pm

It's Spring, and we're busy looking through instruments, some of which I'd virtually forgotten were here, and making a plan for the shop's summer workload. We do plan to refurbish and sell a number of shop-owned instruments this year, in addition to our normal repair workload and finishing serial # 0003 and # 0004 of my Stofer CC tuba. Below is a partial listing of the instruments here, waiting to be repaired and given a new home and player. The first such instrument for the year is on the bench now, a 1953 vintage Conn 20J which will be a clean and dent-free player in a matter of hours. This Conn has been in the loft, lacking a bell for some time now. Last Friday, I discovered that I have a new Conn bell tenon, and a Meinl-Weston model 25 bell that lacks a body, so I cut and fit the bell and installed the tenon. The large throat is a great match, and the tuba will be rather agile in response with a 17 3/4" bell diameter. I am planning to play it at rehearsal Wednesday evening. If interested in a fine Conn at a very affordable price, feel free to contact me about this.

Instruments Waiting for Repair and Resale
- Lignatone (Cerveny) 4-rotor large-bore BBb helicon
- Leningrad (prehistoric St. Pete) BBb tuba
- Carl Wunderlich 4-rotor Eb tuba, originally with 2-3 combination 4th valve, but also with extra slide to make it a conventional 4th.
- Ultra-rare Besson silver BBb helicon
- WWI-vintage Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb helicon
- 1926 Keefer silver Eb sousaphone
- 1920's silver Holton Eb sousaphone w/original case
- Olds O-99 3/4 BBb tuba
- King 1140 3/4 BBb tuba
- Conn 10J 3/4 BBb tuba
- C.A. Wunderlich 3-rotor BBb helicon
- Lyon & Healy Eb helicon
- Conn naked lady Eb tuba
- King 1240 tuba with upright bell
- POSSIBLE - King 4-valve Eb helicon
- 1894 Cerveny 4-rotor large-bore tall BBb tuba

The pricepoint at which these will be offered is largely dependent upon how much restorative work I perform on them. I can offer them for sale at anywhere from "as-is" condition, where you're buying a budget-priced project instrument, to "fully restored" where they are basically remanufactured to like-new condition, which is more costly. There are steps in-between the two extremes, also, to help make a really fine player available at an affordable price.

Please feel free to call at any time to discuss what you might be looking for.

Lee A. Stofer, Jr.
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Lee Stofer
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Re: Instruments in Process at Lee Stofer Music

Postby opus37 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:41 pm

Wow! a lot of Eb's and helicons with a few small horns.
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Re: Instruments in Process at Lee Stofer Music

Postby bort » Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:56 pm

That 1894 Cerveny sounds interesting -- 123 years old? Wonder how much more life it has left in it! (<-- I mean that to be a positive statement, not a doubt as to the worth of this instrument.)
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