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What are the REAL purposes of "good service" ?

Postby bloke » Thu May 25, 2017 11:16 am

We give good service because we care about our customers.

We give good service, because we don't know how not to.


...so what's the REAL purpose of "good service" ?

The truth is this:

It's MUCH LESS TROUBLE to give "good service".

BAD service requires:
- more emails
- more phone calls
- more creative excuses
- geometrically more time spent
- more money spent
- loss of customers
- fewer new customers
- less profit

When I screw up and send out
- the wrong rim/cup/shank
- an instrument with sticky valves
- an over-represented instrument
- etc...

What happens?
- emails
- phone calls
- apologies (i.e. excuses)
- more time spent
- customer looking up at the ceiling, facepalming, both, or more
- less likely referrals
- fewer sales

"Good service" is the EASY route.
Here are the challenges:
- I have to actually do it.
- The stuff that I ship out cannot be the wrong stuff or (well...) crap.
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Re: What are the REAL purposes of "good service" ?

Postby Oldschooltuba » Tue May 30, 2017 9:26 am

There's a businessman that understands..
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