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synthetic washers for piston tubas

Postby bloke » Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:20 pm

I'm going to need to beg off doing this via mail order.
I'm seeing same-factory tubas (different models) with - though the "throw" is consistent through the models - different heights of valve casings, where some (again: same factory) have thicker washers below the top caps/thinner washers under then finger buttons ~or~ thinner washers under the top caps/thicker washers under the finger buttons.

It's just not worth all the research which would be required, and some factories report certain thicknesses of washers to me - knowing that their factory-supplied (soft genuine felt) washers will (as an example) compress about 1.5mm to approximately the correct they will tell me that the felt washer is 4mm thick, when the correct spacing is actually 2.5mm

Further (even if filling orders without measuring specific tubas were reliable - which it is not), for the price I've been charging, it's somewhat disruptive...and I don't want to raise the price.

Let me, please, just fit washers to tubas that are here in front of me, and not via mail order.

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