Delivery of mouthpiece and instrument orders this summer... Bookmark and Share

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Delivery of mouthpiece and instrument orders this summer...

Postby bloke » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:03 pm

I'm also a lowly instrument repairman, and am removing-spit-from and un-destroying endless dozens of living-in-the-bonus-round marching band instruments...all of these repairs being time-sensitive.

No...That's not all that I'm doing...I have to "keep things going" (routine work) and inevitably, Mrs. bloke comes up with some "epic project" every summer. I'm not discussing that here (boring, but I will tell you that both a chainsaw and a Milwaukee Sawzall were going full-blast in my shop - where tubas are normally repaired - a couple of days ago), but it makes it difficult to pack-and-ship sold tubas (and even mouthpiece orders) in a timely manner. Some of you have experienced this, eventually got your stuff (perhaps with me shipping it a week or two after you ordered it, etc.).

Thanks for your patience. When everyone (all of these "competitive" marchin' bands who all want to "win") has their crap back, has torn all of it up YET AGAIN, and I've repaired all of it YET AGAIN, things will be back to normal.

I actually bought something from Matt (up in NJ). He's having the same problem...just checking over the thing that I bought from him and putting it in a box. I understand his problem. He's also, reportedly, frantically removing spit from old disgusting horns.

I do quite a few things to pay the bills, but all of those things sure beat having a j.o.b. (which I've never actually had, truthfully).
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