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Gronitz tubas at Horn Guys

Postby The Horn Guys » Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:45 pm

The Horn Guys has a variety of Gronitz tubas in stock, all made by Dietrich Klienehorst in Hamburg, Germany.

FZ-126 F
The nimble F model: 5V rotary F tuba with long leadpipe, small tuning slide, 4+1 setup, lacquer finish. $10795

FZ-127 F
The big and low F model: 5V rotary F tuba with short leadpipe and large tuning slide, 5+0 setup, lacquer finish. $11295
Also in stock in 6V, 4+2 setup, lacquer finish. $12495


Rare custom Eb, body is a bit more cylindrical than the F tubas, 5 rotary valves, 5th rotor is stacked on 4th loop and is removable, lacquer finish. $11995


4/4 5V piston CC, Bauerfeind pistons, shop demo model, in silver plate, $11750

6/4 5V piston CC, last one made with Bauerfiend piston set, in silver plate, includes Gronitz top-loading gig bag, similar to HB50, MW 6460 YCB-826, $15695


The Horn Guys
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Re: Gronitz tubas at Horn Guys

Postby Steginkt » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:31 pm

Played the Eb and PCK recently at tge store. Great horns!
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