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August Sale Specials at Lee Stofer Music

Postby Lee Stofer » Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:18 am

This is the absolute busiest time of year for instrument repair, getting school instruments ready, and this year is the busiest for me in about 5 years. I do not have time to work on the website right now, but wanted to let you all know about a couple of instruments that are just becoming available now.

BMB 6/4 CC tuba, 5 valves, bright silver-plated, with wheeled hard case. This instrument is in exceptionally nice condition, and will be like new (or a little better) as soon as I get it fully-serviced. It plays quite well, better than some of the convention demo models I've tried.........$7,495.00

King Giant BBb sousaphone, bright silver plated, with original hard case. I would describe this instrument as just a little larger than a Conn 20K or Yamaha YSH-411. Built circa 1957-58, this instrument was professionally played and maintained and is in virtually perfect condition, right down to
it's .750" bore pistons. The craftsmanship in this horn is just superb. I have played it on a gig (two gigs now), and would be proud to take it anywhere.........$5,495.00

Stofer 4/4 CC tubas, .687" bore, 20" bell diameter, 4-piston/5th rotor valves, convertible to BBb in 1 minute. I just sold serial number 0002, and am projecting having serial numbers 0003 and 0004 finished before Christmas. Unlike major manufacturers, I am happy to build a tuba to order, as long as you commit to purchasing it. The instrument can be built with traditional pistons or MAW pistons, traditional Meinlschmidt rotor or MAW rotor, in polished brass, baked-on epoxy lacquer, silver plating or even gold plating. I can fit the instrument with traditional water keys, Jupiter water keys, or none at all, according to the player's wishes. The upper slides have reference marks for pulling to BBb length, and the rotor stop arm can be turned 90 degrees, so that the instrument becomes a four-front piston BBb with a York model 33 sort of personality, and a 5th valve that will by itself render a fine pedal C, and 5-2 gives you the easiest low B-natural on any BBb tuba. Push the slides in and move the stop arm 90 degrees, and it is a world-class CC tuba again. The instrument comes with a very protective MTS hard case and a gig bag of your choice.............................$15,000.00

Conn 20J BBb tuba, mfg. 1953. The lacquer is spotty, but this instrument is a mechanical marvel with point-and-shoot intonation, and a warm and dark sound that is legendary. It compares very favorably with some much-more-expensive tubas. Clean, without dents or rot, this is a lot of ready-to-play 6/4 tuba................................................................................................................................................$1,495.00

The two Conn Donatelli CC tubas are still available, and I am doing a price reduction to make this happen for someone out there that needs a really exquisite-playing 5/4 CC tuba. You really have to play the Donatellis to believe how well they play, and play in-tune. They both have a better low G than just about any 6/4 CC.

Please feel free to give me a call at (563) 321-0642 or e-mail me at" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank for more information.
Lee A. Stofer, Jr.
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Re: August Sale Specials at Lee Stofer Music

Postby bloke » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:33 am

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