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titanium-coated rims: color vs. texture

Postby bloke » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:39 am

I see some evidence of discussions of these rims and how the "feel" of bare stainless steel, black-tone titanium coating, and gold-tone titanium are claimed to be different.

Personally, I cannot feel a difference WHEN THE RIM STYLE AND DIAMETER IS THE SAME...but - then again - perhaps I'm not a very sensitive player...(??)

Here's something you should know:
All of the components - once machine-manufactured - are polished by humans (just like other mouthpieces). Buffing jobs could possibly (??) barely vary, and cause same style/size rims to feel barely different. Additionally, titanium coated rims are buffed AGAIN, as this is a COATING process (does ~not~ apply itself as a glossy coating as electroplating tends to do), and is ~not~ a plating process.

- buffing jobs barely varying the texture/feel...?? mmm...maybe :roll:
- folks' imaginations possibly being a factor...?? mmm...maybe :roll:
- what other sellers of titanium-coated rims may claim...?? not my responsibility :|

bloke "I use combinations of colors on rims to be able to tell mouthpieces apart from a distance."
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