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about JP John Packer and JP-Sterling PRICING:

Postby bloke » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:41 am

John Packer instruments are made in China, as are many Yamaha instruments, Eastman instruments, Wisemann instruments, and other name-brand instruments.

There are other factories in China (though - bit-by-bit - seem to be notching up their tolerances) that make quite a few "things that resemble instruments". The ability to tolerate using those instruments depends on how tolerant of questionable-fit-of-moving-parts any particular player might be.

I do not advertise my JP pricing here, because I respect "Minimum Advertised Price", and I believe that posting prices here is the same as "advertising".

I can offer some insights, though...

Do NOT expect $700 two-rotor bass trombones or $1500 professional-grade full-size tubas from John Packer. That isn't going to happen, as these instruments are not thrown together and really ARE professional-grade production instruments rather than only physically resembling professional-grade production instruments.

John Packer, recently, increased the product line again. There now is a sousaphone...I haven't even seen it, and there isn't (yet) one of those nice pictures of it (nor even a snapshot) that I can show here. There are also a couple of new tubas, and (yes) a two-rotor Rath-endorsed / Rath-grade bass trombone. ...and a couple of new piccolos. The woodwind line is just as pleasing to me as is the brass line. (just one random example: an AMAZING plastic low-C bass clarinet which seems to be a replica of the [wood] Selmer-Paris...wonderful intonation / great resonance / no worries of expansion-cracking)

:arrow: SO: PRICING
Generally expect Mid-South Music's John Packer TOP-GRADE (ex: instruments labeled "Sterling", "Rath", or with model numbers being with a "3", etc.) professional-grade production instruments' end-line/discounted pricing to be "roughly half or a little less than half" of the (end-line/discounted) pricing of very fine similar European/American/Japan brands such as as Yamaha, B&S, Meinl-Weston, Besson, etc.

The student-line John Packer instruments, gratifyingly, are still REAL instruments (fit-of-moving-parts and playability-wise), and are only priced "a little bit above" the pricing of prolific-manufacturer Chinese student model "look-like" instruments. (ex: I just sold a 3+1 NON-compensating student-grade JP euphonium to a school...REALLY well-made / plays REALLY well / VERY low price)

Finally, the John Packer line is concise. There is no multiple selection of cobbled-together / mix-match parts / experimental / "throw-against-the-wall-and-see-if-they-stick" instruments, nor any goofball/gimmick instruments. Everything is well-made, and are things that consumers seem to be seeking. If I personally don't care for a particular JP product (which won't be due to build-quality, but due to playing characteristics), you won't see me promoting it. (This quirk in me has cost me endless sales over my lifetime, but so be it.) That having been said, if a customer wishes to purchase a JP instrument that I do not personally choose to promote, I'll graciously sell it to them, and with the same competitive pricing.
...so again: a $700 two-rotor bass trombone or a $1500 tuba that "look like" professional-grade instruments?
You will NOT find those offered by John Packer.
If "looking like instruments", though, is the only criteria, I've seen a bunch of stuff like that on eBay...
...and just because an importer of that same stuff charges twice as much as eBay sellers and engraves their stuff with elitist-sounding model names, does NOT mean that it's going to be any better...even if it has a different-size thumb ring, an extra slide, or whatever. Finally, poorly-manufactured rotors and linkage really cannot be "re-manufactured" effectively. Practically speaking, those types of mechanisms can only be discarded and replaced - probably at around the cost of purchasing an instrument that already has quality-built moving parts on board.
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