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Extra Deep 33P rims / PT-88 users...??

Postby bloke » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:34 pm

I'm taking inventory on all my rims/cups/shanks right now
I just found that I have a couple of (Dave's design) 33P rims in "Extra Deep".

One is regular stainless steel, and one is gold-tone titanium-coated.

The "XD" series rims are an extra ten bucks (so... $90)
The gold-tone titanium coating is $35.

If you happen to "like" your PT-88 but (well...) wish that you actually loved it,

you might (??) consider ordering one of these two rims in conjunction with a Sellmansberger Symphony cup and Sellmansberger Symphony back-bore.

All that stuff is here... :roll: :D 8)

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