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Let's not do any PayPal stuff, if we can avoid it.

Postby bloke » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:28 pm

In my view, the service (mentioned in the subject line) is a bit sketchy. Some people end up with money in limbo for months, and I even know some people who eventually just gave up on trying to get their money, and walked away (as the hours spent trying to obtain the money due them began to creep into "minimum wage" territory).

I have a perfectly reliable way of sending you a secure link to pay for my stuff, and - if you need money from me (FAST) to buy something that you're selling to me - I can overnight-mail you USPS Money Orders.

If you happen to have a "balance" with that service, why not just stick it in your bank, and then use your bank balance to pay for stuff that I'm selling to you (when I send you a secure link to pay)...or (otherwise) just use that balance to buy something from someone else. :|

...and hey, where's the fire? I'm perfectly glad for you to mail a personal check, and maybe (??) you're perfectly happy to accept my personal or business check.

Is that a "deal" ? :idea:

...and please, we don't need to read your PP "horror stories" - neither in this thread nor as private messages, so let's just let it be, OK? :tuba:

Have a great 2018 ! :D

- joe
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