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ALL Sellmansberger rims now available in "Profundo" depth

Postby bloke » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:03 pm

With the single exception of that honkin' wide-opening 33.5mm HLB2 rim, all other Sellmansberger rims (including all the other sizes of HLB2-style rims) are now available in the 1/8" deeper "Profundo" depth...Image with our four cup choices
- Solo
- Imperial
- Orchestra Grand
- Symphony

...there are now - defacto - EIGHT cup choices (i.e. all four of the above, plus - via Profundo rims - deeper versions of each)

With several back-bore/shank-size choices for Solo, several shank-size choices for Imperial, and several back-bore/shank-size choices for Orchestra Grand and Symphony, there are way-way over 1000 mouthpieces from which you may choose...and that's without even mentioning Delrin rims and titanium-coated rims. :shock:

...but - knowing what rim style and opening you like, what type of sound you're trying to achieve, how much resistance you prefer, and what shank size you're needing, it only requires a couple of minutes to pick out the one that's best for you.

' too many choices / ' too confusing...??

OK. Others' mouthpieces offer a cup you like, but a rim you don't like, or a cup and rim that you like, but a too-tight or too-open back-bore for you...or not quite the ideal shank size. Those types of mouthpieces are legion, and available everywhere. :D

Please order Sellmansberger tuba mouthpieces from:
Mid-South Music, Inc.
14670 Highway 193
Williston, TN 38076

Call me at 901-465-4739 with questions.
If you're really lucky, Mrs. bloke will answer. 8)
There will be (or bust) a website in 2018, but - in the meantime, via an emailed link - we have an easy way for you to pay securely online through our credit card processor.

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