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really REALLY nice compensating Eb tuba ~CASE~

Postby bloke » Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:47 pm

Check out the John Packer JP Pro series Eb tuba case. It zips (with a high-grade zipper), but its frame is made of lightweight fiberglass. :shock:

As you can see just from the pictures, this is absolutely a top-drawer case...

...and how easy (it isn't, correct?) is it to find a hard case (crummy, OK, or good) for a top-action compensating Eb ?

These are NOT particularly inexpensive, but my mark-up above my cost is modest.

PRICE: $675 (I'm going to triple-check, but I'm pretty darn sure this is the "shipped to you" price.)

Anyway...If you're looking for a really nice hard case (think: "quality equal to 'Marcus Bonna' quality"... :arrow: ~not~ made by Marcus Bonna) for your 3+1 19" bell comp. Eb, here it is. :|

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