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Donn's Holton 109 double horn issues

Postby bloke » Wed May 23, 2018 2:45 pm

Donn wrote:Hey, I feel your pain, as the man said. Will be interested to see how you put that idea into practice. I'd almost go so far as to post one of those inquiries, so we don't have to wait, like ... "what mouthpiece should I use on my Holton 109 to get better defined slotting/resonance/support for 3rd partial C and B natural?"

1/ The named pitches, C & B, are not found on the normally-fingered 3rd partial of a Holton 109 "Ultra-Farkas" double horn, but that's neither here nor there.
2/ Were it me, I would just buy another horn that is easier to play, and ask these people which one to buy:
3/ That having been said, I sell these for a four-digit prices that begins with a "1", the instrument is extraordinarily well-built, the case is titanic, the rotors are upscale-instrument precision-fit, the slide alignment is excellent, the intonation/sound/response are all collegiate-level-horn good, the brass alloy is 80:20 "low" brass, which should never red-rot, and I can have one on its way to you today:
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