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FedExGround straight from blokeplace

Postby bloke » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:11 pm

This has NOTHING to do with:

- Greyhound
- the Post Office
- drop-shipping new instruments from a warehouse to you

This ONLY has to do with:

- shipping medium large boxes such as trombones, euphoniums, horns, and small tubas from my location (blokeplace) to you.


I have been trying to save people money on FedExGround by dropping things off at the FedEx location, but I can no longer do that because the two locations closest to me are managed by very prissy people. Unless I bring something in there in a brand-new perfectly-rectangular carton that looks like it was packaged at a factory, they will reject it. The non-prissy FedEx locations are too far away from blokeplace. This means that you will always be paying a pick-up charge from now on, rather than me dropping things off to save you a little money.

That is all. Thank-you for understanding.

:arrow: ...and you may have guessed, several of your things (those of you who've recently paid for blokestuff) are now in transit.
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