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Comments from a Wessex Customer

Postby Wyvern » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:35 pm

I would like to anonymously share some comments from a customer at Music Austria and my response, as I think it addresses what is on lots of people’s mind;

Hello Jonathan,
I am the crazy German, who tested your CC 6/4 Front-Piston Tuba "Chicago-Presence" yesterday.
After travelling home, playing with my old C-Tuba and sleeping one night, I definitely know, that I want a Wessex CC-Tuba TC694. Could you please hold one of them back for me...Sorry, if I didn’t mention yesterday, the "Chicago-Presence" is absolute fantastic. I was a little bit confused, because I can’t believe that Chinese can build better tubas than the traditional German craftsmen or companies can do it. There are so many Tubas from traditional companies on the market with some flaw tones or intonation problems, but the Wessex Tubas, I tested yesterday are working fine. Greetings to Will. I think he is right, saying the TC694 fits perfectly to me.

My reply;
Thank you for your email and thank you for explaining the situation. You are not the only one who cannot believe how good are the tubas - that is why we are going to great effort to take them around the world for people to try. We know we have the best tubas, but people will not believe unless they try for themselves. We don’t think of them as Chinese tubas - they are designed in the USA by Wessex chief designer, Chuck Nickles and Wessex supervises ever part of their production and carries out careful quality assurance on every single one. Wessex management and control of our tubas, is similar to that of Apple over its iPhones which are the best in the world. The Chinese worker can produce good products if accepted quality standards are made very clear and enforced. The trouble is most companies just want products from China as cheap as possible - and that means poor quality. I am sure having heard you play the Chicago Presence it will suit you perfect. I hope you get lots of great playing and pleasure from it.
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