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Sellmansberger tuba mouthpiece back-bores / shanks

Postby bloke » Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:56 pm

As were SUPER-stocked in all of my various Sellmansberger mouthpieces BACK-BORE/SHANK offerings here at Mid-South Music, Inc., I thought I would post about them, and attempt to contribute to an additional understanding of the offerings:


SOLO back-bores:
These bolt up smoothly to the SOLO cups ~only~. The SOLO cup is a somewhat shallow "bowl"-style cup. Parenthetically, I offer "Profundo" rims and Cup Extender rings that (either) add 1/8" of additional cup depth. With the use of one or both of these, the SOLO cup can be transformed into a medium-deep or deep bowl cup.

There are ~three~ available SOLO back-bores
Solo #0 - smallish throat, medium exit bore
Solo #1 - medium large REVERSE TAPER throat, medium exit bore
Solo #2 - medium large REVERSE TAPER throat, large exit bore.
From #0 to #2, the sound is very subtly changed from more centered to more rounded, and the ease of range from high to low very subtly shifts.
We offer FOUR shank sizes:
[b]British - about the same size as bass trombone shank
American - standard size
P - slightly larger than standard - as is found with a few one-shank-size-only makes
Euro - the largest size we offer

We do not offer all four shank sizes with all three back-bores, because the exit bore diameter of the largest (#2) back-bore and small end of the smallest shank size (British) would overlap (i.e. "whoops"), and because the smallest exit bore of the smallest back-bore (#0) combined with the largest shank size (Euro) would result in a big drop down (thick metal) in the back of the mouthpiece.


IMPERIAL back-bore:
Currently, there is only one back-bore taper offered with the Imperial cup (with the Imperial cup being a compacted (medium-depth/not-deep) funnel cup. This makes choosing an Imperial shank less complex than choosing a Solo shank. The Imperial back-bore is offered in ALL FOUR shank sizes.


There are THREE back-bores which ALL fit BOTH the SYMPHONY and ORCHESTRA GRAND cups:
The Symphony and Orchestra Grand cups are hybrid cups which both combine aspects of deep funnel (aka "Helleberg") cups and bowl-shaped (Bach, etc.) cups. The Symphony cup features MORE of the cup aspect superimposed over the funnel, whereas the Orchestra Grand cup features LESS of the cup aspect superimposed over the funnel.
NOTE: There are NO "Helleberg" (purely deep funnel) nor "purely deep bowl" cups currently offered in the Sellmansberger line:
- These mouthpieces have my name on them.
- I personally don't like playing on either "Helleberg" nor "deep bowl" cups.
- There are plenty of "Helleberg" and "deep bowl" cup mouthpieces available elsewhere. HERE are the three back-bores that fit BOTH the Symphony and Orchestra Grand cups:

- Symphony - reverse taper medium-large throat and large exit bore (tends to assist with low range response speed, without being an "air hog")
- Orchestra Grand - medium (not large) throat size and medium exit bore (tends to assist in focusing the low range with somewhat-nebulous low range oversize tubas)
- X - This is a regular-everything medium-large-everything back-bore, as is encountered with many mouthpieces from one maker to the next.
:arrow: These three back-bores are available in American, P, and Euro shank sizes.

Basically, through the four shank sizes: British - American - P - Euro, the insertion depth decreases by roughly 1/8" as the shank size is increased from one of our offered sizes to the next.

As a reminder (not related to "shanks" and back-bores") most of our legion selection of rims is offered in TWO depths: regular depth and Profundo depth (which adds roughly 1/8" of extra cup depth). We also offer machined plastic insertion rings (Cup Extender Rings) that accomplish the same thing. Though the Cup Extender Ring may not be as elegant nor as aesthetically pleasing as a Profundo-depth rim, the Cup Extender Ring (as it can be removed or inserted) offers the flexibility of both rim heights (defacto: cup depths) without having to buy two rims.

throat sizes:
NONE of my throat sizes (though the reverse taper throats appear to be large when superficially examined) are huge. Again, these mouthpieces have my name on them, and I very much dislike mouthpieces with huge throat openings. The same remark about "Helleberg" cups applies here: Plenty of other makers offer huge-throated tuba mouthpieces.

comments on our RIMS:
I don't see much of any reason to post here about "rims". Many tend to purchase rims for their Sellmansberger mouthpieces (from our wide selection) that are most similar to rims to which they are accustomed and/or are most similar to the rims on the last mouthpieces they played. :arrow: That having been said, when many players - who have already purchased a Sellmansberger mouthpiece - stumble across a friend's/colleague's Sellmansberger #2 profile rim (regardless of how different the #2 profile rim is to the profile to which they are accustomed), many will contact me and will end up purchasing a #2 profile rim for the Sellmansberger mouthpiece they've already been playing/enjoying. :shock:

Please (if interested in a purchase) purchase Sellmansberger mouthpieces from us (Joe & Debbie Sellmansberger - bloke and Mrs. bloke)...
Mid-South Music, Inc
14670 Highway 193
Williston, TN 38076
901-465-4739 shop

We can email you a secure link to pay via your favorite credit card.
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