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JP PRO lightweight hard cases ("Brazil-style")

Postby bloke » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:28 am


You don't have to buy a JP instrument in order to own the wonderful John Packer PRO-series cases.
These are WONDERFUL durable lightweight high-quality protective hard-shell cases that reference and equal the Brazil-style cases, yet at much-MUCH LOWER pricing.
Besides the euphonium case, (so far) there is ONE tuba case which fits a 19"-bell compensating Eb tuba. Were it that my own compensating Eb tuba was not a hybrid (rare 1950's detachable recording bell version, with the auxiliary upright bell defining a taller profile than the standard fixed bell) I would already have bought myself one of those cases. Though my (utilitarian) euphonium case for my Willson is very sturdy, I'm working on talking myself into one of the euphonium cases for myself. Being able to carry a LIGHTWEIGHT hard euphonium case on my back (when doubling) could come in handy.
Contact me for a confidential quote on any case...
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