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repaired tuba

Postby bloke » Thu May 02, 2019 8:54 pm

My rule is that I don't accept large instruments (such as tubas) SHIPPED to me to repair.
They must be BROUGHT to me... That's the rule.

- too much chance of additional damage when shipped to me. Instrument owners are rarely experienced packers.
- a small chance (though I know how to pack) of something being damaged in the return shipping
- too much of my time consumed packing/unpacking/tending to shipping arrangements
- too many possible "surprises", as damage is difficult to interpret in 2D still pictures

...but I made AN exception and accepted a kid's 4+1 piston C tuba to be repaired (from New England).

It was dropped from a considerable height, and - man - was it jacked.
Also, it is silver :( , and I had to take a whole bunch of stuff apart and put it back together (not quite the same as before, but to the "new right") to get all five valves working at the same time (without doing the typical "music store" crap, and without jamming spinning gimmicky tools into the simply removing stress - caused by things being jacked). As a matter of fact, neither the casings nor the pistons were "polished" in the repair process...just (again) "fixed".
Needless to say, there were also some epic dents...but - well - that's the easy part... :| it arrived back in their possession this evening, and I received this nice note, which was appreciated:

polite, well-spoken, and obviously well-brought-up high school student wrote:Thank you so much. We have actually just picked up the instrument tonight and I must say, I am extremely impressed with the work put forward. I mean, I am really thankful for you and your help. Thank you so much for helping me. This has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. Hopefully nothing like this happens again, but if so I know who I can contact.

I am truly impressed and grateful for everything.

Thank you, best wishes,

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