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minor stuff about how Sellmansberger tuba mouthpieces arrive

Postby bloke » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:51 pm

If complete mouthpieces are ordered, we usually ship them assembled, and in a mouthpiece cover...but :arrow: we do not torque the parts together, because we assume that consumers may wish to take the components apart (without struggling), examine them, etc.

If the components aren't cranked down pretty good, they will leak very slightly, so - once curiosity is satisfied - please tighten the components down firmly against each other.

Also, when complete mouthpieces are shipped, we usually put (non-toxic/not-harmful-if-swallowed) Dow 111 grease (or Monster Oil Slide Grease, which we're told is also non-toxic) on the threads. If we sell individual components, though (less than a complete mouthpiece) we often do not grease the threads.

Dow 111 grease (can be found for sale in small amounts for reasonable cost) can be found for sale on the internet...usually even on eBay.
Otherwise, Monster Oil's products are also easy to locate on the web.
We highly recommend greasing the threads of Sellmansberger mouthpiece components with non-toxic grease.
Realize, though - please - that once the threads are greased, they are highly susceptible to attracting contaminants (if taken apart).


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