first few of the Sellmansberger $150 "student" mouthpieces Bookmark and Share

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first few of the Sellmansberger $150 "student" mouthpieces

Postby bloke » Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:18 pm

...and they really aren't "student" if your own specific list of preferences are
> 32.9mm #2 profile rim
> Symphony cup
> Symphony back-bore
> "P" shank
(Notice the insertion marks on the threaded version in the picture below...That's because I'm using that one with my own 5450 - along with the rim of my own choosing.)

...but the very last two of the first batch are headed to California and Australia.

The next batch will be 35 of them, and (though I really don't like back-orders, as I really don't like keeping track of what I owe people) I will accept pre-orders on these (particularly since the only things of which I need to keep track - as no parts are optional - are your name/address :D ).

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