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Is bloke broke...?? ;)

Postby bloke » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:28 pm

not quite...

...but the implication here is that we are REALLY WELL-STOCKED on mouthpiece parts. I've been working really hard (i.e. spending a lotta dough on mouthpieces vs. a decent car/vacation/new suit/etc.) to insure that - nearly always - we can say "yes" when you order.

We even have quite a few deep "Profundo" rims and some misc. (admittedly: hit-and-miss here, but quite a few) gold titanium and Lexan rims.

If you would like to give/get a "bloke"piece Sellmansberger mouthpiece for Christmas, we got 'em. :)

...well over 1000 viable combinations of rims/cups/shanks, but VERY easy to determine what is best for you. (I'm delighted to receive phone calls.)
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