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Wessex instruments at the University of North Texas

Postby UncleBeer » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:43 pm

The Wessex Brass Instrument company will be stopping in Denton TX to exhibit their wares on their way to TMEA in San Antonio. This will be a better, more convenient opportunity to try these high-quality instruments than on the exhibit floor at the convention. The list of instruments below will be available to try in the Choir Room at the University of North Texas (room 230; here is a map of the building: http://music.unt.edu/…/def…/files/UNT-Music-Building-Map.pdf) on February 10th from 4:30-7pm. Free parking is available across the street in lot 26 https://goo.gl/maps/yXhe2ExzAmG2. I will be there, as well as Wessex's owner Jonathan Hodgetts and Chuck Nickles, chief designer. Hope to see some of y'all!

List of Wessex instruments available to try:

- TC694 Chicago Presence 6/4 CC
- TC695 Chicago York 6/4 CC
- TB692 Grand 6/4 BBb
- TB480 New design Viverna 4/4 BBb
- TC590 Wyvern 5/4 CC
- TC491 Anton rotary CC
- TF435 Berg F
- TE465 Gnagey Eb
- TE564 Cavalry Compensated Eb
- HB24 BBb Helicon
- CB90 F cimbasso (plus CB91 Eb)
- OTS Over the shoulder Eb bass saxhorn
- TC236 French C tuba
- TB160 Mighty Midget BBb tornister
- TC161 Mighty Gnome CC tornister
- TF135 Bubbie F travel tuba
- ER154 Maly euphonium tornister
- EP100 Dolce Euphonium
- EP104 Festivo euphonium
- EP105 Duplex euphonium
- BR144 4-valve compensated baritone
- PBF565 New professional bass trombone
- PF588 New F contrabass trombone
- OB10 Bb ophicleide
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