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Austin Howle recital - September 1st, 1:15

Postby bloke » Fri May 25, 2018 8:56 pm

This talented young man's father asked me to work with him twenty years ago.

He was playing everything...everything that's ever been mentioned here...all of it in a giant notebook...and with a huge C tuba which consisted of a 20J body stretched out to accommodate a 1980's Miraphone 190 bell and with a Nirschl piston valveset pasted on the front of it - all of which his father cobbled together for him.

I worked to get him to focus and to really strive to perform one of those things in his huge notebook perfectly. That didn't happen that year...He just wasn't ready to slow down enough to do that.

Obviously, he learned how to begin to do that soon thereafter (maybe..?? I got him to - at least - think about it), and moved on to much better teachers with superior insights.

It's difficult to find anything that isn't perfect coming out of the bells of his tubas these days.

Attend his recital, if you're in the neighborhood. It will be a treat.

google translation wrote:Come discover the tuba in a new light! Often relegated to the role of bass in the orchestra, he will act as soloist for a complete recital. The tubist Austin Howle and Pamela Reimer at the piano will make you see all the colors with a varied repertoire, ranging from [Kreisler's] "La Gitana" to Ravel's "Don Quixote".

It does seem as though Mr. Howle may (??) have picked up one thing from our association...a semi-avoidance of "tuba solos"...

Dumitru Ionel, Rumanian Dance no. 2
Ravel, Don Quichotte à Dulcinée
Hindemith, Sonate pour tuba basse et piano
Fritz Kreisler, La Gitana
Alec Wilder, Suite no 1 pour tuba et piano, « Effie Suite »
...all for only ten bucks Canadian
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