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Thanks, Bloke! Mouthpieces, Valve Venting, Props, etc.

Postby Doc » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:14 pm

Just wanted to give some public thanks and a shoutout to Joe (if allowed by the moderators)...

For the last 2-3 months, I’ve been experimenting with various Sellmansberger/Blokepiece combinations on my 6/4 kaiser BBb and my F tuba. Joe’s trial policies are certainly customer-friendly, and as a result, I have found what works best for me on these instruments. Joe couldn’t have been more gracious, and I appreciate his devotion to good customer service (hard to find these days). I appreciate his friendship also, but I didn’t get any extra-special preferential treatment because of it. He wants his customers to be served and find what works for them.

Among our conversations, I mentioned the need for venting the 1st valve on my kaiser, and that I ought to pay him a visit for that purpose (and, of course, social reasons as well). Joe was quick to welcome a visit, but he said I could vent my own valves. I do most of my own maintenance, but I’m a little skeptical about tuba surgery. After a short, logical explanation, I ordered the correct drill bit and performed the deed as directed. Now it works well, and no tubas were harmed in the process.

Thanks, Joe, for how you do business and how you treat customers.
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