Canadian Composers?

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Canadian Composers?

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(Besides Barbara York and Elizabeth Raum)

With my final university recital coming up relatively soon, I was wondering if anyone know of any good pieces by Canadian composers besides the above that I could play? I'm pretty open to whatever's out there.

Thanks, fellow tubists!
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Re: Canadian Composers?

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See the Canadian Music Centre for these and other composers ... y_to_one=4" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank

Howard Bashaw - Music for Tuba and Piano (1984, difficult)
recorded by Dennis Miller (Arktos Recordings)

Roger Deegan - Impromptus, for horn, trombone and tuba
recording - Canadian Music Centre “CentreDisc”
(performers: J.Folsom, M.Mulcahy, G.Pokorny)
-good on any tuba

Roger Deegan - The Last Words of Crowfoot, for bass trombone (F tuba)
Although marked “Bass Trombone”, this one works well on F, a substitution of which the composer sanctioned. A shortish dramatic work.

John Fodi - Four Bagatelles (1979)
solo tuba, some serial writing, lyrical, intervals, good on F/Eb, possible on CC
Premiered by Scott Irvine

Robert Fleming, Concerto for Tuba (piano score)
very conservative writing
-good on any tuba, perhaps not as easy on the BBb, but that’s just me

Malcolm Forsyth - Two Gentil Knyghtes (1979), duo for bass trombone & tuba
4 mvts., written for Jeff Reynolds and Roger Bobo
- good on CC

Oskar Morawetz, Sonata for Tuba and Piano
-good on CC/Eb, perhaps BBb

Tales from the Igloo - The Legend of the Coppermine River (A Copper Inuit Story)
for Ookpik Ensemble (quartet)
speaker, clarinet (Bb+Eb alto), tuba, viola, vibraphone+percussion
From a collection of Copper Inuit traditional stories (Hurtig Publishers, 1972)
*pm here for details
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Re: Canadian Composers?

Post by MikeS »

Gary Kulesha wrote a tuba concerto. You should be able to contact him via the Toronto Symphony or the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.

If you want to do an ensemble piece, Paul McIntyre wrote a four-part tuba/euph arrangement of the Huron Carol. I got a copy of this several years back through his son, Stephen. Contact information then was mcstyre (at symbol)
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Re: Canadian Composers?

Post by windmill »


Stephen McIntyre
Mcstyre (at symbol) gmail

I will ask papa if he has anything else...
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