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Re: Chainsaws

Post by Boomer »

I had a client who was the primary Stihl dealer for this area of the state. A good friend also.

He said over 50% of his repair work was due to bad gas. He emphasized not leaving it the tank more than 3 months and 2 is better. Use non-ethanol gas, a/k/a "rec gas", or bust out your wallet and use the pre-mix from the shop. Even if you keep the gas in a can, you should dump it in your vehicle after 3 months, If you can smell old gas, it smells like lacquer not the sharp smell of gasoline.

Use Stihl or Husky synthetic bar oil, the increased expense is minor compared to increased chain life,

And most importantly keep the blade out of the dirt.

Trust me you will curse the day you try to crank it after it has sat up for 4 months with gas in the tank. Always at 1:00 0n Sat. afternoon when the shop closes at noon.
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Re: Chainsaws

Post by opus37 »

Since I want to see you at the next Tuba Christmas with all your body parts intact, I offer the following advice.

Purchase a safety equipment set. This includes a hemet, chaps, face shield, hearing protection and gloves. Stihl has a good one. Wear the equipment every time you use the saw! You'll look like a dork, but you will be safe.

Become close personal friends with your local chain saw dealer. Have them maintain the engine, professionally sharpen your chain and adjust the chain tension. Regularly go back to have them sharpen and adjust the chain tension. A sharp chain is a joy to use. A loose chain can come off the bar and it will find a way to hurt you (now you should understand the need for safety equipment).

DO NOT have your son anywhere near you when you are using the saw. The chain will find him too and he will bleed out quick. Pieces of wood will fly and hit him. He will touch the saw when you set it down for just a second and he will get hurt.

Never cut with the saw above your waist! Know where the saw bar and chain will go while and after the cut. A chain in the dirt or a rock will dull the chain but more importantly, kick back is real and the chain find you and hurt you.

I know this is a bit preachy, but I've used chain saws for more years than you have been alive. I've seen all of these things happen, have friends with the scars and missing parts and have been saved by safety equipment more than once.

See you at Tuba Christmas.
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Re: Chainsaws

Post by iiipopes »

bort wrote: Sun Jul 26, 2020 12:52 pmI've never touched a chainsaw before in my life.
:shock: And you play an instrument that requires most, if not all of your fingers? :shock:
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