Tuba to rent/borrow in NW Italy?

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Jobey Wilson
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Tuba to rent/borrow in NW Italy?

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Hi everyone,
I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start! I am looking to rent/borrow a tuba near Alessandria, Italy from July 5-16. I am teaching a festival, and we thought they had one secured, but it fell through. My wife and I are vacationing for a few days afterwards, which is why I’m trying not to bring a tuba with me. I also have a student who would love to rent a trombone, if at all possible. If anyone has any ideas or connections, I would greatly appreciate any help ❤️❤️. I will keep my eyes on this post, but it would be even better to email me if possible jobeywilson@gmail.com

Thanks sooo much!! Jobey
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Re: Tuba to rent/borrow in NW Italy?

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Hello, I just read your message. Hope you have already worked it out, but renting a tuba is not easy in Italy.

You could try to contact Daminelli in Bergamo (less than 2 hours by car from Alessandria) which I guess is the main store in Northern Italy for brasses, but I am not sure they also rent. Other options may be Merula or Scavino in Turin.
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