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SSH a lightweight stainless helleberg type

Postby Paul S » Thu Nov 10, 2005 12:15 am

I am pleased to let everyone know that I have recently started offering a new mouthpiece for tubists called a Sidey SSH (a stainless steel helleberg design).

I have a page set up with photographs, size and depth measurements. etc... at:


The mouthpiece fills what I saw as a missing link in that it goes back to the early very flat, narrow and sharp edged Helleberg that is hard to find anymore, adds a bit larger throat that many typically bore out from the originals, adds a Euro/PT size shank, is lightweight in design, and is made from surgical stainless steel.


I have always found that the older flatter rim with sharp inner edge made articulation and wide range jumps so much easier even when compared to the "improved" Helleberg rims. I also like the concept of starting students on this types mouthpiece rim as it assists in reduction of pressing too hard when they play along with all but eliminating those case where someone will use their tongue in place of the lip for generating buzz. These rims just seem to make it easier to get students to concentrate on their air flow and making a clean good sound from the start.

I do understand a lot of players had issues with the original rims due to endurance problems. Stainless steel now really takes care of that problem as it offers a slippery feel similar to gold plating that provides so much more comfort. I have always preferred a gold rim but find stainless to be as pleasant or even nicer in the warm feel with added flexibility. It definitely feels very, very smooth to the lips. In addition it is a much denser material that assists to put more of the buzz into the horn even on low mass mouthpieces.

There are many stainless models out there geared to medium heavy and very heavy weight mass which can really help darken the sound of the horn (perhaps too much in some situations). I feel that a light weight model has a real place in the mix with these mouthpieces because it allows for a clearer sound and lets the true colour of the horn be present which always has seemed to be an advantage of the Helleberg variants. I love a huge dark sound but also feel there is great advantage to keeping those upper harmonics in your playing as well.

I will not blow off too much more to you as mouthpieces are personal and need to be considered to the needs of you, your horn and the music you play. I just want to thank you for your time in allowing me to let you know about this mouthpiece. It is not for everyone but I feel it does have a place today.

All the best,
Paul Sidey
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