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Postby bloke » Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:17 pm

Mostly - for the past several years - I've been playing tuba and euphonium (using the euphonium to cover the always-numerous - as this choir director is really fond of 'em - Richard Webster hymn settings' bass trombone parts) at an Episcopal Church.
Year-in/year-out, the trumpets have been so-so.
This year, I recommended a new-gun-in-town 1st trumpet person (wow...great), but the contractor was unable to locate a really strong 2nd trumpet (as can be heard) :roll: .
I tried to record this entire hymn setting of [the particular hymn we've been discussing all along] by Richard Webster (reduced from the original eight parts to only five + timp's)...but I missed pushing the correct button on my phone just before the downbeat...
...and - when the timpani is REALLY loud - (per the phone mic's recording characteristics) there's not much euphonium in the mix.

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