Eby's Scientific Method for Tuba

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Eby's Scientific Method for Tuba

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Hello guys...
I need a method:
Eby's Scientific Method for BBb Bass Eb Tuba Sousaphone and CC Bass
However, I look in several places and do not think to buy it anywhere, new or used.
Does anyone know where I can get a copy, I need volume 1 and volume 2.
I know it is a very old method ... if anyone can provide the pdf's would also be very good.
Thank you all
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Re: Eby's Scientific Method for Tuba

Post by jeopardymaster »

I used that book for my first couple of years, some really nice stuff. But it's been out of print forever. I would recommend using trumpet books and playing them in your own range; pity, though - some of those solos at the back are probably unobtainable anywhere else.
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