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FT - 16 vintage mouthpieces & other

Postby kathott » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:16 pm

Hello all. I have quite a few mouthpieces for trade (as opposed to selling). I might consider something old, or weird (but not as weird as a Dr. Young). If you have something of interest, please PM, leaving a regular email contact. I can send you photos/give you additional history on the items you see here.
This list is ongoing - more mouthpieces will be posted as things come to the surface in my studio.

> NOTE <
I check PM box on weekends.

These are mouthpieces I am looking for:
- PT #32, #72
- Mirafone TU 13 (C8, Winston Morris "F") Euro shank
- Marzan (large)

Mouthpieces below are the ones I am trading away (the kids today will laugh at them :)

- Bach 22
A compleatly ordinary #22. Who even plays these?

TAKEN, Bach 18 Mt. Vernon NY

- Blessing 18
Stem has been machined down to fit the old English receiver. Came with my
Besson Recording Tuba and fits all my old B&H horns well. "Bach like".

- Dillon S3
I believe that these are out of production. A hybrid design by P. Sheridan,
blending aspects of the PT 72 and the PT 64.

- Holton #7
I bought this huge thing off Tubenet.
It is the same as my Holton #23 and I don't need it.

- KING #26
I bought two of these off Tubenet, both well used. I am replating one, and parting with one. Photos will show wear.

- Mirafone F/Eb (circa early 1980's)
A weirdo, came with my first F tuba. This may have been renumbered by Mirafone, don't know. I would be inclined to give it a go on my own small Yamaha F, but the taper does not quite match up.

- Mirafone C4 (old lettering, circa mid 1970's)
I don't need this, got enough C4's now. Still my favourite "F" mouthpiece if
I don't have to stay up there.

- Mirafone C4 (old lettering, circa early 1970's)
Throat drilled to 8.2 by Ron Partch/Toronto

- Schilke 67 (circa late 1970's)
These were all the rage once, doesn't work for me. For CC/BBb tuba.

- Schilke 62
I bought one of these off tubenet and now have two (one each of the old & new contours).

- Sellmansberger rim: No 2, Med. Narrow, 33.2mm
I made my own Sellmansberger creation for my small Eb, and ended up with
this spare rim.

- Wick 3L, short stem, silver (circa mid 1980's)
- Wick #3, short stem, gold (circa mid 1980's)
- Wick #5, short stem, silver (circa mid 1970's)

- Yamaha 66 (circa early 90's)
I used this one for a time on my large MW F tuba

- York & Sons
This is an old style Eb mouthpiece, quite old. The plating is well worn
and the stem was machined down at some point in it's life to fit the old
English receiver. Throat appears unaltered. Smallish cup diameter. I've only
kept it for possible cimbasso use, and that won't happen now. I can't own a York
tuba, but this is a small consolation.
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Re: FT vintage mouthpieces (16) & other

Postby groth » Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:48 pm

I was interested in the C-4 that was drilled out. Check your inbox and let me know.
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